The goal of the Women & Pulmonary initiative is to bring individuals together to discuss and provide resources on:

  • Current issues in women’s lung health, such as the rise of COPD in women, misdiagnosis of women, and female patient outcomes
  • Identifying and promoting women in leadership, tackling obstacles women face in a male-dominated field, learning to be assertive and advocating for themselves, and achieving work-life balance

The CHEST Foundation, in partnership with HealthyWomen, has the opportunity to be the home for women in pulmonary medicine to access information, gain exposure to educational and professional development opportunities, and interact with their peers. All while increasing our efforts to drive awareness to the public on how certain diseases affect women and how women can better advocate for themselves when working with a clinician to achieve optimum health.

By addressing the gap for not only women in the professional space but also for women dealing with pulmonary diseases, Women & Pulmonary meets these needs by elevating the wants and needs of women in pulmonary medicine and by bringing awareness to clinicians, patients, and the public on diseases that are not typically considered “women’s issues.” 

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Women & Pulmonary: Sleep in Women Across the Life Span

This webinar is part of the Women & Pulmonary program and focuses on sleep in women across the life span: pediatrics, adolescent, pregnancy, and menopause. The webinar is moderated by Dr. Ghada Bourjelly, with presenters Dr. Carolyn D. Ambrosio, Dr. Mariam Louis, and Dr. Bilgay Izci Balserak.

Watch Women & Pulmonary: Sleep in Women Across the Life Span

Women in Pulmonary: Being an Advocate for Yourself

Being an advocate for yourself can help close these gaps and help women across the globe achieve leadership roles, competitive pay and benefits, as well as work-life balance. In this webinar, Aneesa Das, MD, FCCP, and Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP, discuss these issues and give tips on how to be an advocate for yourself.

Watch Women in Pulmonary: Being an Advocate for Yourself